Special Premier Seminar 




Multi-Dimensional Transformations


To Heal, Rebuild & Create A New Financial Paradise™




Dr. Huesan B. Tran

 Author of forth coming book: Financial Healing


Are you sick and tired of losing money over and over again?

Or, are you sitting idle not knowing what to do and wanting a better way?

Millions of people, especially the baby boomers, are waking up to realize their decades of hard earned money and retirement nest egg evaporated in a snap when banks, Wall Street, and the real estate market collapsed.

Why do bankers, Wall Street, and real estate tycoons enjoy the benefits of financial collapses yet you are suffering or struggling?  Why do so many millionaires become negative millionaires?  What are the secrets that you don’t know?

The old financial paradigm is broken!

A New Financial Paradigm™ is here to transform your destiny!

In this one day special premier seminar, Dr. Huesan Tran will share the wealth secrets that the gurus don’t teach and provide new perspectives, industry insights and innovative strategies to heal, rebuild, and create your New Financial Paradise™.

You will be financially enlightened with conceptual understandings and practical solutions to:

  • Understand why the current financial structure, system and approach is a misfit for new human evolution.
  • Gain insights why the Financial Healing Model™ is needed to identify the root cause under the multi-dimensional problems for permanent cure versus temporary fixes.
  • Uncover the 7 common myths and costly mistakes why millions of people keep losing money over & over again, deplete their assets/lifestyles, or are unable to retire.
  • Discover the advanced wealth strategies and hidden secrets the guru’s don’t teach, the media rarely covers, and the banks and Wall Street don’t want you to know.
  • Learn innovative strategies to create sustainable income for longevity and the proper structuring/allocation to create synergy & multi-generational Tax-Free wealth.
  • Gain clarity and direction with New Wealth Modeland a Complete Wealth Formula to heal, rebuild, and fulfill your divine purpose and mission.
  • Integrate 3 major types of financial healing for financial & economic transformation to co-create a New Financial Paradise.

The New Financial Paradigm™ One Day Premier Seminar is created and guided by Dr. Huesan B. Tran.

Seminar Video: USD $1000.

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Here are what people saying about Dr. Tran’s Financial Healing work:

“Dr. Tran has a unique way to integrate the different aspects of complex financial concepts and communicate in a simple and easy way for audiences with different level of knowledge to understand.”

— Kathy Holcomb, Business Development Officer, IRA Services


“Dr. Tran shared new perspective and unconventional solutions for financial and retirement challenges, which was insightful, mind opening and very practical…”

— Len Naborro, Editor, Asia The Journel Of Culture & Commerce.


“She gives terrific, easy-to-follow information that our listeners can follow easily…”

— Burk Allen, Radio Show Host, Heart-Healthy Radio.


“Dr. Tran clearly pointed out the problems and underserved areas that professionals with decades of experience overlook.”

— Hubert King, Executive VP, Treeline Realty & Investments, Inc.


“The feedback from audience was great! Many told me that Dr. Tran has opened their eyes to see things they didn’t see, and they left enlightened.”

— Nick Zigic, President, American Business & Real Estate Center


“I have been looking a long time for the background which Dr. Tran posses. It was so mind easing to feel comfortable with somone who was interested in my needs and wants rather than being sold some product. She truly cares…”

— Peggy Beauregard, Sagacious Business Services & Solutions


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